Mesa Valley Chronicles: Jim Benedict-Chapter 19

“We have some unfinished business!”, Tony told Jim.

Jim was ready for him.  He stood up from the couch.  “I thought you only fought women!”, Jim taunted him.

Tony launched himself away from the door, and ran at Jim.

The rage that he had felt against Tony from the first moment that Cillay had told him that Tony hit her, welled up in Jim.   He knocked Tony to the ground.

Then Jim stood over him, ramming his fist again and again into Tony’s jaw.

Tony threw Jim to the other side of the room.

Then he pulled out his knife.

A few doors down, Danny was saying frantically to the District Attorney, “Shouldn’t we go in now?” 

Ms. Drayton, her PI and two uniformed officers were also in the room.   They were watching and listening to what was happening in Jim’s room through small cameras and listening devices that had been strategically placed throughout his hotel room.

“Not yet!  We need more to put him away for good!”,  the DA said.

Cillay lay on the bed in her cell, not even trying to sleep.  She knew that sleep was impossible.  She could hear the women in the surrounding cells.  Some murmuring in their sleep, others crying softly.

She wondered if it would have been better for Jim, if they had never met.  Then he would not have to feel the pain of their separation and the guilt that she knew he felt at not being able to help her.   For herself, she would go through it all again just to have Jim and their children for the short period of time that she had them.  Tears of loss slowly fell down her cheeks.

“You made me stab Cillay.  It should have been you!  No one takes what’s mine and gets away with it!  “, Tony told Jim.

Jim quickly got up from the floor.  He wanted to keep him talking so that he could get his gun from under his pillow on the bed.   “Cillay was never yours, Tony.   You may have controlled her body, but you never had her heart, and you never will. Even if you had succeeded in keeping her on your yacht, she would have continued to try to find a way to escape from you.”

“There’s no way that she could have gotten away once we reached Africa.  I had a special chamber made just for her.  She would have had her every need taken care of, and she would always be there waiting for me whenever I wanted her.   You filled her head with all sorts of crazy ideas.  It’s time for you to pay!”, Tony said.

He lunged toward Jim with his knife.

Jim grabbed his revolver from under the pillow and aimed it at Tony.  “Stop right there!”, he commanded.   Tony stopped.

“You’re really surprising, but I don’t think you have the nerve to pull the trigger.”, Tony snarled at Jim.  He raised his arms in the air.

In the other room, the DA signaled for the officers to go to Jim’s room.

Jim cocked the gun at Tony, wishing that Tony would give him a reason to pull the trigger so that he would be out of Cillay’s life once and for all.

   Just as the officers came through the door, Tony lunged at Jim with the knife; and Jim leaped to the side and fired off a shot at Tony.


8 thoughts on “Mesa Valley Chronicles: Jim Benedict-Chapter 19

  1. YEAH! they either got him with the confession or Jim took care of him,I hope he aimed for his arm or leg so that he rots in jail forever!
    ~ I love it!More when you have the time!(“,)
    ~ PM me at RWN for better poses!

  2. ~ I love it,but the main thing is,how do you like it?
    ~ The pictures look much better with the newer poses,it is such a great story no matter the pictures,but I have got to say Bravo!
    ~ Love this story!(“,)

  3. Good. I hope he’s dead. If not, I’m glad he’ll be going away, hopefully for a very, very long time.
    Great fight scene!

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