Mesa Valley Chronicles: Jim Benedict-Chapter 18

Kay and Marcus had arrived on a later flight.  After the verdict was read, Kay collapsed in tears, and Marcus held her in his arms.  “I can’t believe that this happened to Cillay!”, she cried to Marcus.

When Tony saw the bailiff place the handcuffs and chains on Cillay,  he felt sorry that things had gone the way they had.  He hated to think of Cillay locked away in a cell for years.  In his own warped way, he loved her.

He glared at Jim again.  “This is his fault.  None of this would have happened if not for him.  We have unfinished business, Mr. Benedict.”, he fumed silently.

Jim matched his glare.  He mouthed to Tony silently, “I’m waiting for you!”

As he held Kay, Marcus saw the silent interaction between Jim and Tony.  “Oh, no! What a mess.”,  he thought to himself.  He decided to keep a close eye on Jim. 

Ms. Drayton had also witnessed the interaction.   She immediately started thinking of the legal implications of a conflict between Jim and Tony.   She had one of her aides call and arrange hotel rooms for her, Jim and Cillay’s in-laws. 

Then she rushed over to speak with her investigator.

“Mrs. Benedict, I will bring your dinner tray in an hour.  You won’t be with the other inmates tonight.”, the guard told Cillay.

Cillay wanted to tell her that there was no need.  She wouldn’t be eating it. 

She sat on the cot.  She was beyond tears.

“How long will this be my home?”, she asked herself. 

She knew that she could be in jail for the next five to ten years.   She didn’t want Jim to wait for her that long.  Even though he would protest, she would get a divorce so that he would be free to remarry.

The guard returned to her cell.  “Come with me, Mrs. Benedict.  Your attorney has arranged to see you.”, she said.   She handcuffed Cillay and put the leg shackles on her ankles.

She took Cillay to a conference room.   She had Cillay sit at the table.  After a few moments, Ms. Drayton entered the room with Jim behind her.   She took a seat and motioned for Jim to sit beside her.

“Cillay are you okay?”, Jim asked anxiously.  He wanted to hold her, but he knew that he couldn’t.

“Yes.  I’m okay.”, she told him.

“Don’t give up hope, Cillay.  I am still working on some things to get you out of this.”, Ms. Drayton said.

“We don’t have long.  I just wanted to remind you not to talk with anyone at all about your case unless I am present.”, she told her.  She looked at Jim.  “I’ll give you two a little privacy.”, she said kindly, and went over to stand by the door.

Jim reached across the table and took Cillay’s hands into his.  He cringed when he saw the handcuffs around her delicate wrists.

“Jim, you deserve to be with someone who will give you a normal life, a happy family.”, Cillay told him.

“What are you talking about Cillay?  We have a happy family.  What’s normal anyway?  Don’t you dare say whatever you are thinking.  I love you and that is all there is to it!”, he told her firmly.  The guard returned and took Cillay away.

Jim went to the hotel and checked in.  He was restless and paced around the room.  

“There is no way that Tony is getting away with this!”, he raged. 

Later that night, Jim was sitting on the sofa, rerunning everything that had happened in his mind.  He was trying to see if they had overlooked anything that could help Cillay.

His door slowly opened and a man entered the room.  He closed it behind him.   He wore dark clothing and a mask.  He removed the mask, and continued standing by the door, smirking at Jim.

It was Tony.


6 thoughts on “Mesa Valley Chronicles: Jim Benedict-Chapter 18

  1. ~Tony is going to do something stupid,that will reflect on all the lies he told in court!
    ~ But,even so I am worried for Jim!
    ~ More please!!!!!!(“,)

    • Tony is full of hatred for Jim. He hates him because he knows that Cillay chose Jim over him.
      He believes that Jim is responsible for the changes in Cillay. The old Cillay would never have opposed him.

      Thanks Kari! I’m going to post another chapter this week.

  2. OMG! OMG!
    The sh!t is about to hit the fan now.

    I loved the way you explained the shock and aftermath in the wake of the verdict. So many emotions, so much heartbreak and disbelief. The silent exchange between Tony and Jim further intensified the scene. I so love this!

    • Thank you!

      Cillay’s family and friends were shocked because they really believed that Cillay would finally receive justice for the abuse that Tony had put her through.
      Cillay wasn’t surprised by the verdict. She had lost her faith in the justice system long ago.

      I will post another chapter in a couple of days.

  3. Oh, God! Here I was thinking Jim would do something stupid and Tony is the one who’ll do it!

    Sorry this comment was so short; Must. Read. Next. Chapter. Right. Now.

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