Mesa Valley Chronicles: Jim Benedict-Chapter 15

Chapter 15

The PI called Jim back.  “Mr. Benedict, we discovered that Mr. Sanders has purchased a yacht that he keeps docked at a private port in Twinbrook.  It’s no longer there.  We are trying to trace it to see where  he may be headed.”, he told Jim.

“Thank you.  Please keep trying!”, Jim told him.  “It looks like he may have her on his yacht.”, Jim told his sister.  “The PI is trying to trace it.”

When Tony came bursting through the door, Cillay hid the metal handle behind her back.

“I’m sorry Tony.”, she told him.  “It’s just been so long since we’ve been together that I’m nervous.”, she said.  She came over to him and kissed him, pretending to be shy.

He looked at her suspiciously.  “Okay.”, he said finally.  “But that’s enough nonsense.  I’ve waited as long as I am going to wait.”,  he told her.  “Go get in the bed!”

Cillay grabbed his arm and pulled him back to her.  She pressed her body close to his and kissed him.  Tony was pleasantly surprised.  She had never behaved like this before.  He passionately returned her kiss.

While Cillay was kissing Tony, she slipped the key to the stateroom out of his pocket with one hand.  All the while, she kept the plunger handle in her other hand.  Once she had the key,  she pulled away from Tony and then drove the plunger handle into his stomach with as much force as she could.  Tony looked at her, stunned.  Then he fell to his knees.

Cillay ran out of the bathroom and unlocked the door to the stateroom.  She used the key to lock the door behind her.  She ran to where the dingy was secured and used the mechanism to lower it into the water.  Then she climbed down the ladder and scrambled inside the dingy.  She untied the ropes and rowed away from the yacht.

Tony was bleeding profusely from the wound.  He yanked the handle out and pressed a towel to staunch the flow of blood.  He made his way out to the bedroom and used the ship’s phone to summon help.

Cillay continued rowing until her muscles burned with the effort.  When she could no longer see the yacht, she just let the dingy drift on the ocean current.   She had no idea where she was.  With no lights on the dingy, she knew that there was no way that Tony could find her at night.

Tony’s injury was too severe for first aid.  His crew issued a mayday alert to the coast guard.  An emergency helicopter was dispatched to airlift him to a hospital.


When the police questioned him about his injury, he claimed that  he had helped Cillay escape from two men holding her captive on another boat.  He had discovered their plot.  He said that they had intended to hold her for ransom, asking Jim to pay  $500,000 dollars for her release.

He said that her time with Jim had caused her to become mentally unbalanced.  That she had had to spend time in a mental institution, and that she had attacked him on his yacht without provocation.  After she stabbed him, she had fled from the yacht using the dingy.  An APB was issued for her arrest. 

The coast guard launched a search for the dingy.
Cillay found a small survival packet under one of the benches in the dingy.  She was freezing.  She had no shoes, and she was wearing just a thin sleeveless nightgown.  She found a life jacket and some bottled water.  She also found some flares.

The sun was begining to rise.  Cillay could only see water surrounding her for miles and miles, but she felt safer here than she had felt since she was abducted from her car.  She heard the sound of a helicopter.  She set off one of the flares.

When Chief Quinn read  the APB issued for Cillay, he knew that there must be some mistake.  He made some phone calls and found out about Tony’s story.  He knew it had to be false, but until Cillay was found there was no way to contradict it.  He drove over to Terrance’s home to tell Jim in person.

As soon as the chief pulled up to Terrance’s, his phone rang.
“Chief, this is Drayton.  You said to let you know if there were any new developments on the Benedict case.”, he said.

“Yes.  What’s happened?”, the chief said.

“The coast guard found her.  She is being flown to a hospital in Mercury Bay as a precaution.  She appears to be unharmed.” , he told him.  The chief rushed inside to tell Jim the good news.

Jim and Kay caught the next flight to Mercury Bay.  They rushed into the hospital and were directed to Cillay’s room.  There was a police officer on guard outside the door.  He allowed them inside.

Cillay was sitting in a chair in the room.  Tears were pouring down her cheeks.  When she saw Jim, she flung herself into his arms.  Jim held her tightly, fighting tears of relief.  Kay left to find clothes for Cillay.

After they were both calm,  Cillay told Jim that the police were going to take her into custody, for stabbing Tony, as soon as the doctor released her.

“I know sweetheart.  I’ve hired an attorney for you.  He’s handling it.  He’s going to call and let us know when you can leave, so that I can take you home.  I know Tony is lying.  What really happened Cillay?”, he asked her.

Cillay told him what happened from the moment when the ambulance hit her, until now. 

Jim’s rage spilled over; and he punched his fist into the wall, making a hole in the plaster.  He knew that if he ever saw Tony again, he would kill him with his bare hands.


The police officer rushed through  the door.  “Is everything okay in here?”, he asked.

“Yes.  It’s fine .”, she told him, blocking his view of the hole in the wall.  He returned to his post outside the door. 

Cillay walked over to Jim and wrapped her arms around him.

“I’m okay Jim.  I’m  relieved to know that Tony doesn’t have power over me anymore.  I’m not his puppet like I was before, and thanks to you, I never will be again.   He knows that now, too.”, she told him.


Jim kissed her.

The attorney called Jim and told him that Cillay was free to return home.  Although the charges had not been dropped, Chief Quinn had vouched for her.

Kay had found a warm up suit and tennis shoes for Cillay to change into.  They caught the next flight home to Mesa Valley.

Although she had slept on the plane, Cillay was exhausted by the time she got home.   She changed and went straight to bed.  Jim followed her not too long after, and cuddled her in his arms as she slept.


10 thoughts on “Mesa Valley Chronicles: Jim Benedict-Chapter 15

  1. ~ I can see a more mature Cillay one that will not bow to Tony anymore, & as she proved she can stand-up for herself & look out for herself, & she handled it so much better with the love of her family to back her up & to live for!
    ~ Yeah I loved it & enjoyed!(“,)

    • Cillay is definitely more confident now that she has a family of her own.

      She is determined not to let Tony run her life anymore!

      Thank you Karima. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I hope that’s the last of Tony.
    Wishful thinking I guess. Cillay should have killed him when she had the chance. Now that he survived that attack, I’m afraid he’ll be more determined to deal with. It would be suicidal and stupid on his part, but me thinks he’s not done with her.

    Great chapter.

    And I’m so glad Cillay stood up to Tony and confronted her fears. Finally!

    • Cillay is stronger, but she hasn’t reached the point where she would intentionally kill Tony, at least not yet.

      Tony believes that Cillay belongs to him, and he can do whatever he wants with her!

      She got tired of Tony trying to run her life and control her. He still may not give up!

      Thanks for reading, Val!

  3. Being with Jim did her some good! Seems as if the fear of Tony is no longer there which is a great thing. I hope Tony gets what he deserves though! He has been on this reign of terror without being punished to way too long!

    • She is finally becoming her own person. She is more self confident and able to stand up for herself.

      I based Tony on those professional athletes who seem to get away with doing whatever they want to women.
      You’re right! Just like them Tony has gone unpunished for too long, but he has gotten away with it before. He
      may get away with it again!

      Thanks for reading, Qui!

  4. Nice move by Cillay there, using the power of seduction along with some quick thinking! Was wondering how she would get out of that. High profile athletes tend to get away with a lot of things and I guess Tony is no different. Hopefully something sticks to him soon. Jim & Cillay sure have been through a lot though, that was a close call. The guy sure is persistent though.

    • She is finally her own person.

      Hopefully Tony will pay this time for everything that he has done to Cillay.
      After this, maybe he will leave her alone, but with an obsessed person, you never know! 🙂

  5. Does hoping Tony had died from that stab wound make me a bad person? Because I hope he had! I wonder what he’ll do now that he knows Cillay isn’t a passive victim anymore…

    I’m so happy the Benedict family is together again! 😀

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