Mesa Valley Chronicles: Jim Benedict-Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Cillay was angry.  She decided to try and take control of the situation.

When she heard footsteps coming towards the door, she took off her jacket.  Then she arranged herself in an alluring pose and exposed more of her bosom.  When her captor opened the door, he looked at Cillay in stunned surprise. 

He placed her dinner tray on the nightstand, but this time he did not leave.  He stood staring at her.   A lustful smile slowly spread across his face.

Jim stood up and paced back and forth around the Chief’s office.  He could not stand sitting there and doing nothing for another moment.  He came to a sudden decision.

“Chief, please call me if you have any news.  I have something I need to do.”, he said and left through the door.


“Jim!”, Marcus called, rushing through the door after him.  “Where are you going?”, he asked.

“I can’t sit around here doing nothing!  I’m going to Sunset Valley!  I know Tony is responsible for Cillay’s disappearance.  He is going to tell me where she is if I have to beat it out of him!”, he shouted.

By that time Kay had reached them.  “I know you feel helpless Jim, but confronting Antonio is not the best way to handle it.  I think that you should hire a private investigator to follow him.  Then maybe he will lead us to Cillay.”, she suggested.

Jim hung his head defeated.  Kay pulled him to her in a hug for a few moments.  “Jim, Cillay is a survivor.  She is a strong young woman, even stronger since she met you.  You have to trust that she will be okay.”, she said.

Cillay stood up and moved closer to her captor, making him think that she was about to kiss him.  Then before he realized what she was doing, she kneed him in the groin. 

He  doubled over in pain.  She rushed past him and through the door, closing it behind her.

He had left the key in the lock outside the door, and she used it to lock him in the room.  As she crept down the hall, she could hear him pounding on the door, and shouting to be released.

Cillay climbed up a stairway that she hoped would lead to the upper deck.  It did.  She climbed up on the deck, as quietly as possible.  She moved quietly across the deck straining her eyes in the darkness, trying to see if they were close to the shore. 

Suddenly arms wrapped around her from behind.  She made her body go limp, catching the man who grabbed her off guard and then slammed her head backwards into his face with as much force as she could.

He  released her, grabbing his nose in pain.

“What the h&#*! is going on here?”, she heard an angry voice shout, chilling her blood in her veins.  It was Tony.  Cillay rose to face him.

Jim was at Terrance’s house rocking Janel in his arms.  She was asking for her mother.  He finally got her to sleep and put her to bed.  He went downstairs and joined the others in the livingroom.  He was waiting for a call from the private investigator he had hired to trail Tony.  As he sat down on the sofa, his cell phone rang.

“Hello.”, he answered.

“Mr. Benedict, this is Maurice Jenkins.  I’m sorry but we were too late.  Mr. Sanders has disappeared and no one knows where he has gone.  We’re still trying to trace him.  I’ll call when I have something new to report.”, he told Jim.

Jim hung up the phone.  “They lost him.”, he told everyone dejectedly.

“She’d better not be hurt!”, Tony said menacingly.  “Are you okay Cillay?”, Tony asked her.

“Yes.”, Cillay answered uncertainly.

“Come with me.”, Tony told her, grabbing her hand and pulling her with him.  He went around the deck to the other side of the boat.  She could see that there was a yacht waiting close by. 

Tony went down a ladder and climbed inside a small dingy.  “Come on Cillay!”, Tony shouted to her.  Cillay hesitated and then the man on deck nudged her forward.  She climbed down the ladder, and Tony helped her into the dingy. 

When they reached the yacht, Tony told her to go up the ladder first.  She started up the ladder and Tony followed behind her.  She tried to kick at him, but he grabbed her leg in a vise-like grip.

“Don’t make me hurt you Cillay.”, he told her. “I could easily pull you off this ladder and fling you into the water.”

Cillay continued up the ladder and scrambled up on deck.  Tony climbed up and secured the dingy.  Then he grabbed Cillay’s hand and pulled her with him to one of his crewman. 

“Thomas, start the engines and get underway.”, he told him.  Then he grabbed Cillay and dragged her with him down a stairway to a lower deck and into a stateroom.  He locked the door and put the key in his pocket. 

Then he just stood and looked at Cillay.  Cillay turned from him and looked around her at the stateroom.

“It’s pretty swanky isn’t it?”, Tony asked her.  “We’re loaded now.  We can afford whatever we want!”, he told her. 

Cillay didn’t say anything.  He came toward her and Cillay cringed away from him.  She hugged her arms around herself.

“Cillay, you know that I didn’t mean to hurt you that night.  You got in the way!  I would never hurt you like that.  You know I love you.”, he said.  “I’m glad that you are okay.”

He wrapped his arms around her.  Cillay was trembling. 

“You’re cold.  I bought some things for you.  Why don’t you take a hot bath and get changed.”   He opened  a drawer and pulled out a gown for Cillay to put on .  He handed it to her.  “I’ll have a snack brought down for us.”, he told her.

Cillay went into the bathroom and looked around to see if there was a way out.  There was a porthole, but it was too small for her to squeeze through.  She ran hot water in the tub. 

Then she looked to see if there was a lock on the door.  There was, so she turned the lock.  She knew that Tony could easily break through the lock, if he wanted to; but it still made her feel better.  She got into the tub and bathed.

Tears began to pour down her cheeks.  She tried to cry quietly because she knew her tears would anger Tony.  She thought about Jim and their children.  She knew that Jim had to be frantic with worry.  She forced herself to stop crying, determined to find a way to get back to them.

“Cillay the snack is here.”, Tony called to her. 

Cillay got out of the tub and put the gown on.  Then she unlocked the door and returned to the bedroom.

Tony had changed into some pajama shorts.   He was sitting at the table.  There was a plate of canapes and a bottle of champagne. 

“I’m not hungry, Tony.”, she said.

“Well at least have a glass of champagne.”, he told her.  She sat at the table and tried to drink the champagne. 

All the while Tony was staring at her.  He thought that she was even more beautiful than before.  She also seemed to be more mature.  She wasn’t the young, innocent girl she was before.  She was an experienced woman.  He liked the change.

Cillay was waiting for the change to come over Tony.  She knew that he could explode in anger at her at any moment.  She was surprised that he hadn’t already hit her for leaving him and staying with Jim.

“So you’re married and you have a baby.  It seems to agree with you.”, he told her.  “You’re even more gorgeous.  Are you finished?”, he asked her.

“Yes, I’m finished.”, she told him. 

Tony got up and stretched out on the bed.  He looked at Cillay.  “Come and join me.”,  he said.

“No, Tony.  I can’t do that!”, Cillay told him.  “I made vows to Jim when I married him.  I”m not going to break them.  Someone almost forced me to once, but I’m not going to allow it to happen again.”, she told him firmly.

Tony laughed sarcastically.  “You’re not going to allow it?”, he repeated mockingly.  “Get over here now!  You know you don’t want to make me force you!”, he told her.

Cillay ran into the bathroom and locked the door.  She looked for anything that she could use as a weapon.  She grabbed the toilet paper holder and tore off the rubber piece, keeping the red metal part.  Tony came crashing through the door.


8 thoughts on “Mesa Valley Chronicles: Jim Benedict-Chapter 14

  1. Oh dear, someone please hurry and save Cillay.
    But then again, I’d love to see her save herself for once. I think it will give her more confidence to know she can stand up to that sick bully.
    I can’t believe he’s pretending like nothing ever happened, champagne and snacks and yatchs? And there I was thinking Tamsyn was delusional! Tony is DELUSIONAL!

    I hope Cillay gives him what he deserves and more!

    • Tony is definitely delusional!

      He thinks that he can do whatever he wants to Cillay and she is supposed to take it without complaint.

      He doesn’t know this new Cillay. He is in for a surprise!

  2. Yes Cillay! Fight back! Self defense classes taught you something! Show him that you’re not the same Cillay and won’t be his toy!

    Tony really really thinks he owns her! That is just crazy to me! She’s really supposed to forget about her life with Jim for him? PLEASE!

    • He just got fixated on her in college.

      In his crazy reasoning, she is his property, and she doesn’t have the right to refuse him!
      The fact that she is with Jim means nothing to him.

  3. Tony is sick! How can he think what he has with Cillay is love?

    I’d say I hope Jim finds her soon, but I actually hope she’ll save herself. That would be the only way she’d ever truly find peace…

    Amazing as always!

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