Mesa Valley Chronicles: Jim Benedict-Chapter 11

Chapter 11


The Big Bad Wolf

Three weeks later:
It was Cillay’s first day in her new position at work.  Everyone welcomed her back and congratulated her on her recent marriage to Jim.  She still glowed with happiness.  

She was at the office before Devon arrived, and had made sure that her desk was stocked with supplies.  She had found out how Devon liked his coffee and had stopped at Starbucks and picked up coffee and a Danish for him.  She left it for him on his desk.

Devon headed for his office and then was pleasantly surprised to see Cillay at her desk.  He leaned against the wall beside her.

“Good morning Cillay!  It’s good to see you’ve recovered from your injury! I’m glad you’re back with us.”

“Thank you, Mr. Kincaid.  I had great Doctors.  I don’t even have a scar.”, she told him.

“That’s great! It’d be a shame to mar such a beautiful body.”, he said slowly allowing his eyes to roam from her head down to her legs.  

Cillay flushed, uncomfortable with his scrutiny.  “I better go file these reports.”, she said squeezing by him.  Devon continued following her with his eyes as she walked away.

Later that morning, close to lunchtime, Devon called Cillay into his office.
“Cillay,” he called on the intercom.  “Can you come in  and bring your notebook with you.” 

After Cillay came in, he told her to take a seat.  He started dictating letters.  Cillay surreptitiously looked at her watch.  Jim was expecting her to have lunch with him, and she was already late.

Devon knew that Cillay usually had lunch with Jim.  He was intentionally making her miss it.

When Cillay wasn’t in the lobby of the courthouse waiting for him, Jim went looking for her.  He did not see her at her desk, and so he figured that she was in Devon’s office.  He sat down to wait for her to come out.

“Excuse me Mr. Kincaid, but my husband is expecting me to meet him for lunch and I was wondering if I could give him a quick call to let him know I can’t make it?”, she asked.

Devon came around to the front of his desk and sat on it, looking at Cillay.

“Call me Devon, Cillay.”, he said.  “I’m sorry.   I didn’t realize how late it was.  Why don’t you call him, and then we can finish up these letters.  Let me take you to lunch as a welcome to the office.  I won’t take no for an answer.”

Cillay looked at him for a moment.  “Okay.”, she agreed.  “I’ll go call him.”

“You can use my phone.”, Devon told her.

“No thanks.  I’ll be right back.”, she said, leaving the office.  She wanted to talk with Jim in private.  When Cillay came out of the office, Jim called her name.

“Oh Jim, I didn’t know you were waiting.”, she said with a pleased smile.  “I was just about to call you.  Devon is dictating some letters that have to be sent out today.  So I have to miss lunch.  He said he’ll take me to lunch when we’re finished as a welcome to the office.  I’d much rather go with you.  I’m sorry sweetheart.”

Jim pulled her into his arms.  “That’s okay.  I understand.  Cillay…..”, he started to warn her to be careful of Devon, but decided against it. “How are you feeling?”, he asked instead.

“I’m fine.”, she told him.  “I don’t have to spend a lot of time on my feet.”  She suddenly remembered that Devon was waiting for her, and gave Jim a quick kiss.  “Devon is waiting for me.  I have to get back.  I love you, Jim!”

“I love you too!”, Jim said.  “Be careful and do not over do it today.”
“I won’t!”, she said and blew him a kiss as she went back to Devon’s office.

Devon took Cillay to lunch at the Bistro.  He felt proud being seen with such an attractive woman.

“So Cillay, how did you and good old Jim meet?”, Devon asked.

“We met at central park.  He was jogging, and I was on one of the benches.  We just struck up a conversation.”, she told him.  She saw no need to tell him all of the details.

“You’ve really not known each other that long have you?”, he asked.

“Well, long enough.”, Cillay said wondering why he was asking these questions.

“Did he tell you about Richard’s mother?”, he said.

“Of course he told me about Gwen.  Why are you asking me these questions?”, she asked.

“There is something vulnerable about you Cillay, that makes me want to protect you.  I just want to make sure that Jim has been honest with you and doesn’t use you the way he did Gwen.”, he told her.

“He has told me all  I need to know about Gwen, and I trust him completely.  He is my husband.  I don’t feel comfortable with this conversation, Devon.  I won’t listen to anything against Jim.”, she told him firmly.

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.  I was honestly trying to help, but we can talk about something else.  As a matter of fact, I mean’t to tell you that sometimes I will need you to stay late.  I often have deadlines to meet on last minute reports, and I will need your help completing them.”, he said.

“That shouldn’t be a problem.  I’m sorry I got upset.”, she said.

“I completely understand.”, he said.  He was still determined to find a way to drive a wedge between Jim and Cillay.  She would need a shoulder to cry on and he would provide the shoulder.

They talked about innocuous things over the rest of lunch.  Their favorite movies, books and foods.  Cillay began to feel more comfortable with him.

The next couple of weeks passed pretty uneventfully.  Cillay was finally developing a baby bump.  She could still wear her other clothes though.  It was only noticeable when she had her clothing off.  Jim loved to rub his hands across the bump and talk to the baby.

One day at work, Devon told her that they were going to have to stay late.  She called Jim and told him.   She could tell that Jim was not pleased, but she had assumed it was because he worried about her working too hard.

“Cillay, I really appreciate you staying late today.”, Devon told her.

“Of course.  I know you have to get these reports finished.”, she said.

Devon continued giving Cillay the information to include in the reports, as the building quickly emptied of employees going home for the evening. 

After half an hour had passed, Devon came from around his desk and surreptitiously locked the door to his office.  He put the key in his pocket. He continued talking the entire time to cover his actions.

He stopped in front of Cillay’s chair and stood looking down at her. ” Why don’t we take a short break and talk for a while?”, he said.   Cillay looked up at him.  There was something about his expression that made her feel uneasy.

“I’d rather finish up now, and then go home to my family.”, she told him.  

“No.  Trust me.  We’ll work better if we take a short break.”, he said taking her notebook out of her hands.  He put the notebook on his desk and then turned to face Cillay.  His eyes roamed up and down her body.  Cillay felt very uncomfortable, and then when she remembered that they were probably alone in the building, she felt a little bit afraid.

“Cillay, I know women, and I know that you are just as attracted to me as I am to you.  I see no need to deny ourselves what we both want.”, he told her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!  You’re my boss and that’s it.  I am not interested in you that way!  I am married, and I love my husband.  I think that I had better go home now.  You’d better get yourself a new secretary!”, she told him heading for the door.  She tried to open it and discovered it was locked.

“Let me out of here!,” she screamed, panicking.  Devon walked towards her and Cillay backed away from him up against the wall.  He put his hands on her shoulders and forced her down to the floor.  Cillay began to cry and started to struggle; but she did not want to take a chance on her baby being harmed.   She resigned herself to her fate.

“Why are you crying? You know you want this as much as I do.”, Devon said.  He was puzzled by her tears.  No woman had ever told him no before.  She was just playing hard to get.

Devon unbuttoned her blouse.  The sight of her smooth bosom encased in her bra increased his lust.  He removed her bra and fondled her breasts.

Cillay tried to retreat to the place in her mind that she always escaped to when she was with Tony.  She felt Devon pull her skirt up to her waist and heard him unzip his pants.

Kay finished packing their last suitcase and carried it downstairs. She and her family had decided to stay in Mesa Valley and had purchased Jim’s old home. They had just moved in that day, and she was retrieving the last of their belongings from Jim’s new house.  Both she and her husband were physicians and had had no problem finding employment.

 She went in search of her brother.  Jim was pacing back and forth in the great room.

“You’re going to wear a hole in that floor.”, she told him.  Jim glanced at his sister.  A look of irritation crossed his face.  

“I can only assume that this is because Cillay is working late tonight.  If you’re worried about her health, she should be fine.  If you’re worrying about her spending the evening with her handsome boss, you shouldn’t be.  Cillay is crazy about you!”, Kay said.

“I’m not worried that Cillay will cheat on me.  I trust her.  I don’t trust Devon.  He is a ladies man, and Cillay  has had enough troubles in her life.”, Jim told Kay.

“You mean Antonio.”, she said.

“I wondered if Cillay would tell you about him.  You two have grown so close.  I couldn’t betray Cillay’s confidence by telling you, but I’m glad that she did.”, he said.

“Why don’t you go and pick up dinner for the three of you, and then take it over to the office.  That way it won’t look like you are checking up on her.  It will seem like you are being the considerate, loving husband that you are!”, Kay told him.

“That’s a great idea Kay, thank you!”, he said.

“That’s what big sisters are for.  I’ll stay with Richard.”, she said.

When Jim arrived at the courthouse, the building was deserted.  He made his way to the fifth floor where Devon’s office was located.  Cillay was not at her desk and so he assumed that she was in Devon’s office. 

He went over to the door and could hear Cillay sobbing.  He tried to turn the knob, but it was locked.  He broke through the door.

Devon had just unzipped his pants, when Jim came bursting through the door.

Jim rushed toward him and yanked him up off the floor away from Cillay.  He punched Devon in his nose breaking it, and causing blood to spurt all over. Then he rushed over to Cillay.

Cillay was trying to sit up and trying to pull her blouse closed to cover her bare chest.  

“Cillay, baby, are you okay?”, Jim asked her anxiously.

“I’m sorry, Jim.”, she said, sobbing in relief.  “It was my fault.  Somehow I must have made him think that I wanted him.”

“No, Cillay don’t blame yourself.  This is my fault.  I knew what he was like.  I should not have let you work for him.  I’m calling the police.”, Jim said.

“No!”, Cillay and Devon said in unison.  Cillay had lost all faith in the legal system.

“There would be a huge scandal and all kinds of gossip!”, Cillay told him.  

“I can’t just let him get away with this Cillay.”, Jim told her.

“It will never happen again!”, Devon promised.  “I thought she was just playing hard to get.  What if I leave town?”, Devon suggested.

Jim looked into Cillay’s face, seeing stress and pain in her eyes.  He thought about all that she had had to endure during her young lifetime.

“Alright.”, he agreed.  “I’m doing this for Cillay’s sake.  You had better move away from town, Devon.  But understand this, I will be checking on you!  I had better not hear of you doing this to any other woman!”, Jim warned him.

Then Jim picked Cillay up in his arms and carried her to the elevator.

Cillay refused to go to the hospital, so Jim took her home and asked Kay to examine her.  Physically Cillay and the baby were fine. 

Jim had arrived in time to stop Devon from raping Cillay, but he knew from her response when he arrived at the office that Devon had caused her more emotional damage.

Jim called Dr. Wilson and told her what had happened.  She was horrified. 

“Bring her to my office tomorrow morning at 9:00.”, she told Jim.  “I want to see her right away.”

Five months passed by and Cillay was now heavily pregnant.  The baby was due at anytime. After what had occurred with Devon, Cillay and Jim had decided that she should quit her job, and just enjoy her pregnancy. 

With help from Dr.Wilson and Jim, Cillay was feeling light hearted and happy again.  They were having a baby girl and naming her Janel. 

Jim was relaxing on the bed watching Cillay.  She was looking at herself in the mirror.

“I look like I swallowed a whale!,” she said looking at herself critically.

“No.  You look like my glowing, beautiful, pregnant wife Cillay.”, Jim told Cillay, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. 

Cillay turned around in his arms and gave him a long passionate kiss.

Jim had taken a few days off from work, not wanting to leave Cillay alone so close to her due date.  The last day he had worked, the mayor had called him into his office.

“Jim, as you know, I am retiring.  I have given a lot of thought on who I should back as my replacement.  Whoever I back is pretty much  guaranteed to win the election.  The next mayor needs to be someone who loves Mesa Valley and it’s people. “, he said. 

“We need someone young with fresh ideas and a lot of energy and charisma.  I think you should run in the election.   You are a good looking young man with a beautiful wife and family.  I think that you would be the perfect choice for the next mayor of Mesa Valley. “, he told Jim.

Jim had looked at him stunned and speechless.  He knew that in elections, some candidates tried to dig up whatever scandalous information they could find about their opponents.  He knew that Cillay’s past with Tony and his attack on her there in Mesa Valley would probably come up.  

Jim decided that  before he accepted the mayor’s endorsement, he owed it to him to reveal a bit of Cillay’s past.  He give him a brief undetailed version of what had happened to her.  He even told him about Devon.  Jim asked him to keep it confidential.

“I had no idea that poor girl had experienced such evil.”, the mayor said.  “She seems to have recovered very well and seems so happy now.  If any of this does come out, she was clearly a victim and the town’s sympathy will be with her.  You would be looked at as the hero that you are, rescuing her and making her happy.”, he told Jim.

“Thank you for considering me, Mayor Benson.  I need to talk with Cillay before I give you my answer.”, Jim said.

“Of course, I understand.  Please give me your answer as soon as possible.”, he said.

Jim had gone home and spoken to Cillay right away.
“Cillay, I just met with the mayor.  He has offerred to back me in the next election as a candidate for mayor.  How do you feel about me running in the next election?”, he asked her.

“Oh, Jim  that’s wonderful!”, she cried.  “No one deserves it more than you do.  You’ll make a great mayor!”

“Thank you Cillay, but I think that I should warn you.  Your past with Tony may come up.  Even if it does, I don’t think it will have a bad effect on my campaign.  I’m just worried about how it would effect you.”, he told her with a worried expression.

“Jim, I don’t want to stand in the way of your career in any way.  As long as I have you by my side, I’m not worried.”, she reassured him.

Jim pulled Cillay into his arms.  “I love you more and more everyday.  You amaze me!”, he told her.  Then he felt the baby moving in Cillay’s belly as he pressed her against him, and they both laughed.

Cillay was now two days past her due date.  She had enjoyed being pregnant, but now she wanted it over with. “Come out Janel!”, she said to her abdomen.

Jim was inside the house, playing with Richard; and Cillay was sitting, soaking in the hot tub.  She had been feeling little nagging cramps in her abdomen for the past two days and found that the hot tub relieved some of the pressure.  

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.  She got out of the hot tub and felt a rush of fluid down her legs.  Her water had broken.

“Jim!”, she called at the top of lungs.  Jim heard her shouting and came running outside.  

“What is it Cillay?”, he asked, seeing her clutch her abdomen in pain. “Is it time?”

Cillay nodded her head yes.  Jim pulled out his cell phone and called Richard’s babysitter.  He grabbed Cillay’s suitcase and put it into the car.  Then he scooped Cillay up into his arms and put her in the car.  

Four hours later, he was standing in Cillay’s hospital room, holding his precious little daughter Janel in his arms.  Cillay was relaxing on her bed, smiling with happiness at him and Janel.  Kay and Danny were sitting in chairs beside Cillay’s bed, glad to have a new baby niece.

“You are just the most beautiful little girl in the world.  Daddy loves you very much.”, Jim told Janel.

Three months later and Jim’s campaign for mayor was in full swing.  His campaign manager had had flyers made up picturing Jim alone and flyers picturing him with his family.  He even had Jim make a television commercial with Cillay and the children.  Jim was at the top of the polls.

Jim had to attend many campaign fundraisers and political events.  Sometimes Cillay attended with him, but she hated leaving the children while Janel was so young and often times did not attend. 

Jim did not like spending so much time away from his family, but his campaign manager convinced him it was necessary.

In Sunset Valley,

From time to time, Antonio had his private investigator check out Cillay and send him reports.  He had received a report of her marriage and the birth of her baby.  

Today he received a video taped campaign commercial of Cillay, Jim and their two children.  “What a perfect, happy family!”, he thought to himself mockingly.

Antonio’s anger with Jim had become a cold rage.  He could not bear the thought of Cillay having a life with Jim, a life without him.

He had done very well financially playing for the Sunset Steelers and had purchased homes in several countries.   He had purchased a home in Al Sim Hara, Egypt.  

“I’ll hire someone to take her for me this time.  There would be no way to trace her disappearance back to him.   I’ll take her to Al Sim Hara.”, he said to himself.  He’d have her taken after the end of this football season.  He grabbed his cell phone and put his plan into motion.



8 thoughts on “Mesa Valley Chronicles: Jim Benedict-Chapter 11

  1. ~ Cillay had had enough in her young life without that creeper Devon,doing what he did,some men will not take no for an answer! 😦
    ~ I am wondering if his new position will actually take place,some one,some were all ways wants to discredit those in power,& he seems like such a family man,less time with his wife & children!
    ~ Janel did not want to come into this world too soon,I wonder if she knew something that we did not?
    ~ Tony is nothing but bad news!
    ~ Loved it BTW!(“,)

    • You are right about guys like Devon. They think every woman wants them!
      Except for Jim, Cillay seems to be a magnet for the bad guy.

      You are right about Jim and that new position. He has mixed feelings about it now.

      Janel was comfortable where she was.

      After the next chapter, we see a new, more confident Cillay.

  2. Poor Cillay! That jerk Devon had me screaming at the screen! arrogant prick thought she was just playing hard to get? That…!@#$%

    Tony just won’t go away and is pissing me off! Be gone asshole! Be gone! Slow death for him please! Please let him drown from camel spit!

    • Devon just could not imagine that any woman would prefer Jim to him!
      He refused to take no for an answer.

      Drowning in camel spit is too good for Tony! LOL
      He is totally obsessed with Cillay.
      Maybe after he meets the new Cillay, he’ll leave her alone, or maybe he’ll want her even more!

  3. Wow, I don’t know what to say. I’m so stunned I hardly know where to start. Poor Cillay, after everything she’s been through! I’m so glad Jim got to her when he did, that kind of incident would have shattered their fragile relationship. Devon got off very easy on that, let’s hope he doesn’t do the same thing to another woman wherever he’s going. Yay on the baby girl. Great, emotional chapter.

    • I had to make something else serious happen to Cillay in order to build up to her breakdown.
      Devon did get away easy, but he better not try it with another woman.
      Thanks Val, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Prior to scence with Devon – Okay, I know it’s kind of late to say so, but I hadn’t noticed how hot Devon was! Still, I don’t like him flirting with Cillay. She’s Jim’s. I don’t like how Cillay was feeling comfortable with Devon; she doesn’t realize what he’s trying to do, does she? Oh, Cillay…

    During scene with Devon – I’m so mad!! I hate that son of a bitch! I cried! I cannot believe he did that to Cillay!! I hate it that she’s going through this again!! Oh my God, I’m so upset! I hope Devon rots in jail!

    I’m so mad Devon got away with it, but at least he didn’t actually get to rape her…

    Janel is so cute! I can’t wait to see what she’ll look like as a toddler!

    I knew Tony couldn’t stay away for long! I hope this time he doesn’t get to Cillay!

    Awesome update! Full of emotion!

    • I agree. Devon is hot! 🙂
      He was wrong to flirt with her, and to try to force himself on her.
      Tony was just biding his time while he schemes.

      Thank you, Ade! I really appreciate that! 🙂

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