Tarquin spent the day talking with Alana.  Everything he learned about her made him feel more drawn to her and even more determined to keep her with him.  The day had the opposite effect on Alana.  The more time she spent with him she felt increasingly frightened and repulsed by him.

After lunch Tarquin had Alana change back into the blue gown.  “Does he think I’m some sort of Barbie doll?, Alana thought to herself as she changed.  After she put the gown on, she reluctantly returned to the living area.

Tarquin decided that it was time to tell Alana about his plans for the evening.  It is time to consummate our relationship.  I will give you unimaginable pleasure.”, he promised her. “You will never want to leave my bed!”, he said.

Alana looked at him in shock!  Tarquin swept her up into his arms, and headed towards the bedroom.  Alana fought against him, and he released her.

Alana had had enough of all the pretense.

“You horrendous, cruel creature!”, she screamed at him.  “Don’t you dare touch me!

They stood there glaring at one another for a few moments.  Alana’s anger surprised Tarquin.  He was glad to see that she had some fire in her.  However, he could not let her forget her place.

“I am your King, Alana.  You are here to pleasure me!  When I say jump, you say how high?  Don’t ever defy me again!”, he commanded her.

Alana slapped him!  Tarquin was stunned.  Then he became furious.  Never had any woman dared show him such disrespect!

He slapped her so hard that she was momentarily dizzy.  Neither of them had heard David’s approach.


I entered the small clearing where the stones were located, it was just as I remembered it.  I saw no signs of a shelter where Alana may have been taken.

I took a closer look at the center of the circle of stones.  There was one unusual plant growing directly in the middle of the circle.  I examined the plant , feeling around underneath it.

There was a hole underneath the plant.  When I reached my hand into the hole, I felt a switch and activated it.  A stairwell that had been hidden, was suddenly revealed.

I could hear raised angry voices, one of which sounded like Alana’s.  I silently crept down the stairs just in time to see the man who abducted her, strike Alana.

I jerked him away from her! “Don’t you ever dare to touch her again!”, I told him.

Then we began to fight.

His speed surprised me , but I was fighting for my family.  I was determined to win this fight.  I suddenly leaped into the air and kicked him in the head.  He was not expecting to be so evenly matched, and my leap caught him off guard.  He fell to the floor with a hard thump.

Tarquin slowly got up and then charged at David!

Alana had been so relieved to see David that she nearly fainted in relief.  At first she stood anxiously watching them fight.  She knew that even though Tarquin was in his human form, he was no longer a human being; and she did not know the full extent of his powers.  Although he and Tarquin appeared to be evenly matched opponents, she was afraid for David.

Suddenly, Alana remembered that Tarquin had said that he had to sleep for a few hours every night in his sarcophagus.  That may be the source of his power!  She rushed to the room that housed the sarcophagus.  She grabbed a torch off of the wall and set the sarcophagus on fire, backing out of the room and setting the rest of the room on fire.

When Tarquin realized that his sarcophagus was on fire, he broke off from David and went racing into the room.  He saw that it was too late to extinguish the flames.  He knew that his end had come .

He had lied to Alana when he told her that he had received immortality as a gift.  It had been given to him as a curse for the loss of all the innocent lives he had taken during his vicious wars.

Instead of loving him and sharing immortality with him, his queen had betrayed him and brought about his end.  He surrendered to the flames and allowed them to engulf him.  Tarquin of Polydoros was no more!

Alana ran to David and held his face in her hands overjoyed at being in his arms again.

I pulled Alana close and quickly kissed her!

“I’ve got to get you out of here”, I told her hearing the fire raging more strongly.  I scooped her up into my arms and raced to the stairs.

When we reached the surface , I led Alana away; and we headed for home.


5 thoughts on “LOVE ENDURES-Chapter 7

  1. I’m so relieved! I was afraid David would be too late! Sounds like Tarquin got the end he deserved. I’m so happy Alana gets to come home to her family. I can’t wait to see what other surprises the island has in store for them!

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