Alana did not want to remain in the gown another moment.  She did not feel like herself while wearing it.  She quickly changed into her own clothes, and stretched out on the loveseat to wait.  She had hatched a plan.  She intended to wait another hour or so and then try and find her way out.  After what she estimated to be about an hour and a half , she decided to leave the room.

She crept out of the door to the fenced off room across the hall.  She didn’t see Tarquin.  Everything was silent.  The flames in the torches lining the hallway flickered slightly, making her feel creepy and even more frightened.  For some reason beyond her control, she felt drawn to that room.  She passed through the gates and entered the room.  It contained beautiful pictures and sculptures.  There was a gorgeous persian rug on the floor.  Up against the wall was an exquisite Egyptian sarcophagus.

She suddenly became aware of a presence behind her.  She whirled around and came face to face with Tarquin.  He was covered in unusual bandages from his neck to his feet, and over the bandages he wore some type of  ancient Egyptian outfit.  The smell of decay, of death was even stronger this time.

Tarquin searched Alana’s eyes with his piercing gaze.  “Are you unable to sleep Alana?”, he asked her.

“Yes”, she managed to say, trying to still her trembling.

“I did not mean to frighten you by my sudden appearance.  Is there something that you need?”

“Why does he keep acting as though all of this is perfectly normal?”, Alana thought to herself.  “No.  I was just exploring.”, she finally told him.

“Well, the hour is late, and we both need our sleep.,” he told her.

Then he suddenly became very still.  Before her eyes he transformed into a hideous creature.  He was a mummy!

Alana screamed and instinctively recoiled from him.

“Alana look at me he commanded!”  She raised her eyes to his face.

He hadn’t  wanted her to see him in this form quite so soon, but it was inevitable.  He decided to tell her a bit more of the truth.

“I am Tarquin, son of  Eurykrate.  When I reached my 27th year, I was given the gift of immortality.  However, before I accepted the gift, I was not informed that I would be required to take this form during the night.   I must spend a few hours each night sleeping in my sarcophagus. “, he told her.

“Over the centuries, I have searched for a mate to rule beside me.  I had given up finding someone worthy.  The last time I awakened, I had this lair built for me.  I decided to remain here and rest undisturbed.  I had despaired of finding the one woman with whom I would be honored to share eternity. ,” he told her,  trying to search her mind for her reaction.  Once again failing to do so.

“I had slept for many centuries, until I awakened a few days ago.  I was awakened because of you.  You are the woman  for whom I have searched throughout the centuries.  You are destined to be my queen.”, he said.

Alana thought that he was crazy if  he believed that she would leave her family and remain with him.  Just the thought of him having kissed her made her want to gag.  However, she instinctively knew that if she hoped to get away from him, she would have to make him think that she was open to being with him.

“How can I be your queen?”, she asked. ” I’m not immortal.”

“No. You are not immortal now, but eventually you will be.”, he answered her.  He intentionally did not tell her that whether or not she became immortal would be her choice.  He could not force it upon her.  She would have to love him and want to remain with him forever.

Alana gazed at him.  She could sense that he was not telling her the complete truth.

“Imagine, you will be young and beautiful forever.  We will return to my palace in Polydoros, and I will gather my subjects.  They will worship at your feet, and cater to your every need and desire.  We will have great wealth beyond your imagination.”, he tried to make her picture what life with him would be like.

“Didn’t he realize that this was the twenty-first century?  The world had greatly changed since he had last awakened.    The people would not welcome him as a king!  The very thought was ridiculous.  Then she considered what he was, and the powers which he seemed to possess.  Maybe for him it was not so ridiculous after all. “, all of these thoughts quickly rushed through her mind.

“That sounds very intriguing.”, she told him.

He made a sudden movement to kiss her, and she involuntarily moved away from him, avoiding his kiss.   He sighed, “I can see that you need more time to get to know me.  I will give you a while longer, but bare in mind that my patience is not unlimited.”  He opened the gate and ushered her back to the bedroom.

“Tomorrow I expect you to wear something more fitting to my queen.  There is more clothing inside the armoire“, he instructed her before leaving her alone in the bedroom.

After he left, Alana stood in front of the door.  She was overwhelmed with all of the day’s events.  She was extremely tired.

There was no way she was sleeping in just her bra and panties.  She opened one of the drawers to the armoire and found a nightgown.  She changed into the nightgown and climbed into the bed.

At least Tarquin had quit pretending that they had a longtime intimate relationship. She was enraged when she remembered that he had tried to make her believe that he was David Jr.’s father.

She thought about David and their children.  She could only imagine how worried and upset he was.

Surprisingly, Alana was able to go straight to sleep.  Her sleep was filled with dreams.  She dreamed that she was standing beside her bed at home, looking down at her sleeping husband.  He kept mumbling her name in his sleep and thrashing around in the bed.  She softly touched his face and whispered in his ear, “I love you David.  Please come and get me!”

She awoke the next morning feeling more rested, but still very much afraid.  Remembering Tarquin’s instructions, she went back to the armoire to select a gown for the day.  There were several to choose from.   They were all elegant, but from days long past.

Suddenly, without knocking, Tarquin entered the bedroom.  He gazed at her for a few moments, silently.  He wondered again why he could no longer enter her mind.

“Did you rest well Alana?”,  Tarquin asked her.

“Yes.  Thank you.” , she answered, trying to hide her fear of him.”  Her anger and resentment against him were also growing.

“I came to select an outfit for you to wear today.”, he said.  He opened the doors of the armoire and handed her a long white gown.  “I think this one will do nicely for the day, but for dinner tonight, please put the blue gown back on.”  He placed the gown on the bed and then turned to face Alana.

“Please get dressed and join me in the dining area.  I have your breakfast waiting for you.”, he told her and then left her alone to dress.

Tarquin returned to the dining area and placed a plate of cheese and fruit on the table for Alana to eat.   He no longer had the need to eat even in his human form.   He sat at the table and waited for Alana to join him.  Tarquin decided to try entering her mind again, and went into the bedroom again without knocking.

Tarquin complimented her appearance and then took both of her hands into his.  He  tried to probe her mind for images and emotions, but something about her blocked him from doing so.

What Tarquin didn’t realize is that every time he touched Alana  to make a telepathic connection with her, a small portion of his telepathic abilities was transferred to her.

Images from Tarquin’s life began to flash through her mind.  She saw him preparing his men for battle.  He instructed them to select the strongest men and the most beautiful women to return with them to Polydoros as slaves.  He said that they were to rape the remaining women of the village and slaughter all the men and children.

Upon returning triumphant to his palace, Tarquin had one of the women captives brought to his bedroom.  There he sadistically raped her, and when he was finished with her, he had her thrown to the dogs to be viciously torn apart.

Alana was horrified!  She yanked her hands out of his, breaking the connection.

Tarquin had no idea what Alana had seen, but he did know that his patience with her was wearing thin.  He was tired of waiting.  Tonight, before his transformation, he was going to sleep with her with or without her cooperation.  After he showed her how wonderful he could make her feel, he knew she would be his.”

Of course, he said none of this to Alana.  “Come and eat your breakfast.”, he told her.


I awakened that morning with a heavy heart and a feeling of determination.  My dreams had been filled with Alana.  At one point in the night, I even had a sense of her presence assuring me of her love and asking me to come for her. 

I had come to a decision.  The children took a nap every afternoon.  They usually slept for  a couple of hours.  I decided that today, while they were sleeping, I would search for Alana.  I couldn’t leave them alone for long, which meant that I could not go far.  I hated leaving them alone, but I felt that I had no choice.

I knew just where I would begin the search. There was a part of the island just pass the falls that I remembered had a very strange atmosphere.  There were several large stones placed in a circular pattern much like Stonehenge.  I had always intended to go back and examine the area further, but for some reason, I had completely forgotten about it.

After feeding the children their lunch, I put them down to sleep for their naps.  Alana had made each of them teddy bears which they loved.  I placed their bears in their cribs with them to comfort them in case they awoke before I returned.  Then I left the house to begin my search for their mother.



3 thoughts on “LOVE ENDURES-Chapter 6

  1. ~ Yes,hurry David before that beast has his way with your wife,against her will!
    ~ Of to read more,as I am loving the suspence of this!(“,)

    • Leaving the children to look for her was a hard decision to make; but after dreaming of her asking to him to find her, he had to try!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it Aussie!

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