Alana changed into her swimsuit and went out to the hot tub. She could not believe that in such a short period of time her happiness had been shattered again. “She analyzed her feelings, and realized that whatever feelings she may have had for Tarquin in the past were now gone.  Although very attractive in appearance, something about him frightened her.

She had been completely in love with David ever since the first time she saw him when they were teenagers. She found it unbelievable that she could ever have betrayed him with someone else, but she could not deny the memories of her and Tarquin together. She flushed when she remembered the dream of the night before.

I looked out the window from our bedroom.  I saw Alana sitting in the hot tub.  I was becoming increasingly concerned about her. She was very pale this morning, still not meeting my eyes.  I wanted to know what was going on so that I could help her, but she kept pushing me away.

I decided to go back to work on the radio that I was trying to build.  I was keeping it as a secret for now because if it didn’t work, I did not want her to be disappointed. If I was successful, then we would be able to contact someone to come and rescue us from the island.

Alana never complained, but I knew that we needed to get back to civilization.  I  could only imagine the pain our families had suffered believing us to be dead.

Tarquin was tired of waiting. He decided that it was time to come and take Alana. Once she was with him, then he could work on winning her heart. They had all of eternity. She was sitting in the hot tub. She was aware of him before he even called her name. “Alana”, he murmured seductively. She briefly closed her eyes before turning to face him.

I gave Alissa a bottle, and then returned to the window to check on Alana. I was shocked to see a strange man holding her hand and helping her out of the hot tub.  As I watched, the man stretched out his hand to her face and caressed her cheek. My blood began to boil. How dare that man touch my wife in such a familiar manner.

I rushed downstairs and outside.  I came to a halt at the sight of my wife in the other man’s arms in a tight embrace. She was not struggling to get him to release her nor calling for me to help her. All the color drained away from my face.  I felt a twisting pain in my heart that almost brought me  to my knees.

Alana saw David standing there. The pain in his eyes snapped her out of the trance. She looked at him with sorrow in her eyes, begging him silently to forgive her.

Tarquin turned to face me, giving me a contemptuous smirk.  Tarquin’s eyes glowed red. Then before I could react, he pulled Alana to him and disappeared with her leaving a whirlwind of sand!

I could not believe what I had just witnessed.  Just before Alana looked into my eyes, I realized that she had not been in control of her actions.   Her eyes had that same glazed look as the night before.   I had misunderstood what I had seen, and my delay had resulted in her abduction.

I was frantic with rage and worry.  I did not know what to do. I could not leave our babies alone while I searched the island for Alana. Besides which, I had no idea where they might be.

When Alana opened her eyes, she was laying on a beautiful bed. She looked around the room. It was very luxurious. She stood up and saw a lovely gown draped across a loveseat beside the door.

Tarquin entered the room. “Good. You are awake. He picked up the gown and said ,”Come with me.” He exited the room and Alana followed behind him. She looked around her as they walked through what she concluded must be his home.

She wondered how he could have built such a luxurious place in the length of time they had been on the island. Something about it troubled her but in her fuzzy state of mind, she could not figure it out.

Tarquin led her into a beautifully appointed bathroom. He  hung the dress on a waiting hook, then filled the tub with scented water. He lit the candles surrounding the tub. Then he rose facing her.

Sensing her apprehension,  Tarquin told her,”Relax, Alana”, “I’m not going to harm you. I love you, my dear. Don’t you know that? Enjoy your bath. Take as long as you want.” Then he left the room closing the door behind him.

Alana raced to the door to lock it, but then realized how foolish that was remembering how he had brought her here. She stripped off her clothes and climbed into the tub, enjoying the scented water.

She closed her eyes, trying to imagine what David was feeling right now. She tried to reach out to him with her heart to let him know she was okay. Despite how difficult it was to believe, Alana now knew that Tarquin was not human.   Alana rose from the tub, and dried herself off. Then she dressed in the gown and left the bathroom.

Tarquin had wanted Alana to bathe because he could not stand  David’s scent on her. She was his now. Eventually, he would make her immortal, but not until she asked him to. When she came toward him wearing the gown, her beauty took his breath away. Never had any woman affected him the way that she did. ” You are  stunningly, beautiful my dear. You honor me with your presence.”, he said.

He led her to the seating area.  For now, this is your new home.  There is everything here to make you comfortable.  He pointed out the kitchen and the shelves of books.

Alana decided to make him think that she was comfortable with him although that could not be farther from the truth.  She realized that every time she was with him, there was a slightly unpleasant odor.  It permeated his home.  She could best describe it as an odor of decay.

“Why can’t I read her thoughts?”, Tarquin wondered to himself.  “What is so different about her?”  He was determined to find out.

“Alana”, he said.  ” In all the time we have known each other, we have never really discussed our backgrounds.  What part of the world is your family from?”

“My mother was Swedish, and my father was Japanese.”  I grew up in Bridgeport, SSA.  “What about you?”, she asked.

He considered her question.  Not being able to read her reactions, he did not want to reveal too much information too soon. “He finally decided to tell her a portion of the truth.

“I grew up in Egypt.  When business brought me to the SSA, I decided to stay.  I am glad that I did because that is how I met you.”  Tarquin searched her face, trying to read her reactions from her expression.

Alana was convinced that the memories of  Tarquin and her together were false.  She did not know what he was, but somehow he could control her actions.”So that explains that slight accent in your speech.  I’m surprised that I did not ask you about that before.”, I told him.

It was growing later, and Tarquin knew that he would soon have to transform back to his mummy form.  ” I know that you are probably tired, my dear.  Why don’t you turn in for the night?”, he suggested .   He led Alana back to the bedroom and opened the door ushering her inside.

Alana’s heart was racing with panic.  What if he intended to spend the night with her.  What could she do to prevent it? Her fears proved to be unfounded.

After she was inside the room, he turned to her and said, ” Rest well, I shall see you in the morning.”  Then he closed the door and she could hear his footsteps retreating.

I stood on the beach holding Alissa, trying to decide what I should do.  I again debated whether to take the children with me and search for Alana.  I did not know what that creature was that had abducted her, but I instinctively knew that he was dangerous.  Alana would never forgive me for putting their lives in danger to save hers.  If anything happened to them, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself either.

“Dada”,  Alissa said clearly, ” Where is Mama?,”



6 thoughts on “LOVE ENDURES-Chapter 5

  1. ~ At least Alana has figured him out, and the memories,so she will be fine,if she can just out-smart him!
    ~ David,is, understandably upset,but at least he should know that that thing would not hurt Alana! that she is safe,for now!
    ~ I can understand his confusion! 😉
    ~ More please!(“,)

    • Thanks for reading my story, Aussie.

      Yes, Alana has figured out that he was controlling her thoughts and in the next chapter she finds out even more about him.

      David hopes that she is okay, but that changes in the next chapter.

      Chapter 6 is up now.

  2. Holy Cow! My lunch is over & I can’t go read 6 to find out what happens! What will David do, with the kids, he really can’t go after her!

  3. Good question Alissa, but I doubt Daddy knows, and neither does Ade… 😦

    I’m glad Alana is conscious and knows something wrong is going on! I hope David and she can find a way to escape Tarquin! Maybe that radio will work?

    Great update!

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