I slowly raised myself up from the ground.  I still felt whoozy, and my head felt like it was ready to explode.  I looked around me and then suddenly remembered what had happened. 

Alana and the children were trapped inside the cave!  My adrenaline kicked in, and I started pushing against the rocks.  They would not budge! 

“Alana!  Are you alright?  Can you hear me?”, I shouted.  There was no response. 

I knew that I couldn’t move the rocks with my bare hands.  I rushed back to the house to find something to use.  I had to get my family out!

Alana helped Alissa up from the ground where she had fallen when her father pushed her back inside the cave.  Alissa was crying and Alanna gave her a quick hug to comfort her. 

Then she rushed over to the entrance, calling David’s name and pushing against the stones trying to move them.

Aidan was screaming and Alissa hugged him to her to quiet him.

“David are you okay?”, Alanna shouted frantically.  “Please answer me, David!”  Alana was terrified that David had been seriously injured or worse.

There was no response to her shouting.  She looked around the cave, trying to decide what to do.  She could still feel fresh air stirring in the cave.  Maybe there was another way out!    She started feeling the other walls in the cave trying to find a weakness.

David ran to the house.  Furniture and debris was strewn all over the beach.  Part of the roof was missing.  His heart sank.  It would take him forever to find tools to use to move the stones.

After searching for over an hour, Alana finally felt some movement in one of the stones.  She broke apart the base of one of the torches and used it as a lever to make an opening.

She was nervous about moving the stones, fearing that it might cause another cave-in, but she had no choice.  She had to get her children out of there.  Finally, the stones moved and there was an opening large enough to get the children through.  However, it was too small for her to pass through.

“Alissa, come here sweetheart.”, she called.    “I’m going to lift you up and pass you through this opening to outside.  Then I’m going to pass Aiden out to you.  I want you to go find Daddy.”

“Aren’t you coming too Mommy?”, she asked.

“Not yet, Baby.  Look after Aiden and find Daddy.”, Alana told her.

Then Alana passed Alissa through the opening and she reached her little arms up to catch her brother.

After they were safely on the other side, Alissa and Aiden walked around to the cave opening looking for David.  There was a lot of blood on the ground, but David wasn’t there.

“Mommy!”, Alissa cried to Alana.  “There is blood on the ground, but Daddy isn’t here.”

Alana thought quickly.  “Take Aiden and head for home!”, she told Alissa.

“Okay Mommy!”, Alissa shouted, and then headed for home.

I still felt very dizzy which slowed down my progress in finding tools.  I finally found a hammer and headed back to the cave.  On my way back, I saw my children heading toward me.

“Alissa!”, I shouted, running toward her and Aidan. 

“Daddy!”, she screamed. 

I hugged them both to me, looking around for Alana.

“Where is your mother?”, I asked.

“She is still in the cave.  She couldn’t get out.”, Alissa told me.

I didn’t want to leave them home alone.  So, I decided to take them back to the cave with me. 

I had them wait far enough away where they would be safe from falling debris.

“Alissa you and Aiden stay right here and play together.   Don’t come any closer to the cave.”, I told her.

Alissa sat down beside Aidan and they played peak-a-boo together.

“Alana!”, I shouted anxiously.

“David!”, Alana cried in relief.  “I’m over here!”

I raced over to the other side of the cave, following the sound of her voice.

She stretched her hands out through the hole to grasp mine.

“I was so afraid for you, David.”, she said to me. 

“I’m okay.,” I told her.  “We have to get you out of there.  Move back.  I’m going to make the opening larger.”

My head was beginning to throb even more, but I ignored the pain and went to work enlarging the hole wide enough to pull Alana through.  When it was wide enough,  I grabbed her hands and pulled her to me.

Once Alana was through the hole, we embraced one another in relief.  She searched my face.

“David you look very pale.  Are you sure you’re okay?”, she asked me.

“I’m alright.”, I answered.  “There was some damage at the house, but I think we should head home.”

Alana insisted on carrying Aiden and we started for home.  

I was completely exhausted by the time we returned home.  I collapsed into one of the chairs which was still in the living area.  

Alana  went upstairs and surveyed the damage.  Surprisingly our bedroom was still intact.  She dragged Aiden’s crib into our bedroom and put the children to bed. 

Then without saying a word, Alana cleaned my wound and bandaged my head.

“Thank you, Alana.”, I said.  She just kissed me and told me to go to bed.  I was too exhausted to argue.

Alana was tired, but she felt too keyed up to sleep.  She decided to try and put the house back in order.  She worked through the night dragging in the pieces of furniture and rugs.  By the time the children and I awakened in the morning,  the house looked more like it did before the storm.

I looked around me.  “You did all of this by yourself last night?”, I asked.

“Yes, David.  You push yourself so hard for us, and I wanted it done before you got up.  Of course I haven’t repaired the walls or the roof, but those can wait until you are better.  We can make do with things as they are.”, she told me.

Alana insisted that I take it easy for the next few days.  So I just sat around and let her spoil me.    The next week, I began the repairs on the house.  I searched around the island seeing what damage the storm caused. 

As I walked along the beach, I came upon something troubling.  There were several cages.  Some were large and others were small.  They were of the type in which animals were transported.  They were all empty.  I couldn’t help but wonder what type of animals they had contained, and if the animals had survived. 

As I continued along the beach, I came across several crates.  I dragged them to shore, and pried one open.  Inside was a real treasure.  It contained batteries!

Then I heard Alanna screaming for me!


6 thoughts on “LOVE ENDURES- Chapter 9

  1. OMG!!!! This couple is so strong – I don’t think anyone else could survive the things they’ve gone thru!

    I have a bad feeling about those cages and her scream…

    • They have been through a lot!

      I don’t think I could have survived it all.

      I’m working on Chapter 10 now. It will be up tomorrow.

      Thanks for reading Jilly!

    • I can just imagine how scared I would be if I found those empty cages and did not know what was in them.

      I love monkeys, but I just saw a special on animal planet about them.
      The monkeys in that show attacked the reserve keepers and that gave me the idea for this chapter.

  2. I was scared about that wound in the head David had! Luckily nothing happened…

    Those cages give me a bad feeling. They weren’t there before, were they? And Alana screaming… Bad news, real bad news…

    Bad news but awesome chapter, though!

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