I heard Alissa laugh and looked up.  Alana was holding her and tickling her belly.  I am so happy to see my beautiful Alana smile with genuine happiness again.  Her smile is as bright as the sun, and it has warmed me since the first day I saw her.

We met when we were both juniors in high school. I guess I wasn’t the typical teenage boy. I wasn’t all wrapped up in cars and girls, and although I was involved in sports, it was to build up my athletic skills.

Ever since I had seen my first shuttle launch when I was seven years old, I was determined to become an astronaut. I was always studying and working out to get a head start on my career. Until she walked through the classroom door.

“Class”, Ms. Paige announced, “This is Alana Newborn. Her family just moved here from Bridgeport. Please make her feel welcome. Alana take that empty desk beside Joel.

All eyes including mine were on her as she made her way to her seat. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She looked at me and smiled. From that moment onward she had my heart. We became almost inseparable.

Not everyone was pleased by our relationship. My former friend Parker was also crazy about Alana. Although he knew she was my girlfriend, he continued to pursue her. One day in class, I looked up from my desk to see Parker once again trying to get Alana to go out with him.

“Come on Babe, you don’t want to be stuck with that wimp David. Be my girl and we’ll have a blast. ” He tried to embrace her and Alana pushed him away.

Something snapped in me that day. Parker would not take her no for an answer. I had had enough of him bothering her. She had told me that she could handle him herself, but obviously she couldn’t. I decided to have it out with him.

I jumped out of my seat and rushed over to them. “You better stop bothering Alana, and stay away from her!”, I shouted at him. “If you don’t , you’ll have to answer to me.

” He smirked at me. ” You’re just afraid she will break up with you to be with a real man, not a wimp like you!”, he shouted at me. I had had enough. I punched him and the fight was on.

Principle Alto came in and broke up the fight. We were both given two days of detention. I had never gotten into trouble at school before, but Alana was worth it.

I could tell that Alana was horrified by the fight. 

“David I hate that you were suspended because of defending me, and I’m so sorry that your friendship with Parker is over because of me!”, she told me. 

She promised me that she would do everything she could to make sure that I knew how much she appreciated me standing up for her. ” No one has ever stood up for me like that before!”, she told David. I’m glad that you were not hurt.” She threw herself into my arms.

“You are my girl!”,  I told her. “It’s time everyone started recognizing that and leave you alone.  I should have done that a long time ago.”

We spent hours with each other, talking about our hopes and dreams. At first Alana used to evade my questions about her family, but I finally got her to open up. She lived with her uncle, her mother’s brother.

Her parents had died in a car accident when she was five. She was an only child as was I. She longed to have a large family of her own. “I want at least three children.”, she told me.

“I want to become a master chef. I have learned every recipe I can find, and I cook whenever I can. ” She cooks the most amazing dishes.

I told her about my dreams of becoming an astronaut. We started encouraging one another to meet our goals and studying together.

My parents loved her right away. She was the first girl I had ever brought home. She was my first and only girlfriend.They could see how serious we were about one another, and my father decided to have a talk with me.

” David , if you really love Alana you should treat her with respect and dignity. You are both still very young. There is no reason to rush things.”

” Dad , you don’t have to worry. Alana and I are going to wait until after we graduate from college before we get married.”

Dad’s eyes got big. “You mean you’re already engaged!”, he shouted.

“Calm down Dad. No, we’re not engaged, but we’ve discussed marriage.  We each have goals and plans for our future that we have to concentrate on. We’re not going to be able to see each other as much during our senior year.”

“I’m glad to see that you are both using your heads.”, he told me.

Senior year zoomed by. Although we couldn’t spend as much time together as before, we spoke everyday and saw each other for a few hours every weekend. I took Alana to our school prom, and stepped all over her feet during the dances. We still had a great time.

During our high school graduation party, I surprised Alana with two plane tickets to Champs Les Sim, France. She squealed with delight.

That was not the only surprise I had in store for her. I didn’t want to wait until after college to marry her. I wanted her to have my name and start our lives together.

We were going to the same college, so I intended to get a part time job and find an off campus apartment for us. We had both qualified for full scholarships which would help pay our expenses. Both of my parents and her uncle knew about my plans.

On the way to the hotel in France,  Alana moved from window to window in the limousine looking at the beautiful views and countryside. “Look at it David!”, she cried. “It’s breathtaking. ”

” Yes it is!” , I agreed, but I was not looking out the window. I was looking at her. She had been a beautiful girl, but now that she was a young adult, she was absolutely stunning. Her beauty still takes my breath away.

We checked in at the hotel. Alana loved it like I knew she would. It had a lot of old world charm plus all the modern conveniences. After we rested a while, I suggested that we go out. “Come on Alana”, I said, “Let’s go see the town.” I had done some research and found the perfect spot to ask her to marry me.

While Alana was resting, I had arranged to have my tuxedo stashed at the location. After arriving, we walked on the grounds of the museum looking at the fountain , the pond and the beautiful rolling hills.

” Alana wait right here for me. I need to run inside for a few moments. ” I rushed off before she could ask questions.

I quickly changed into my tuxedo and made sure that I had the engagement ring in my pocket. I was suddenly nervous. I took a deep breath and headed back outside where she was waiting patiently for me.

The sun shone on her golden hair giving her an ethereal appearance.  I inhaled a deep breath and walked over to her.  I embraced her and gave her a long passionate kiss.

Before I lost my nerve, I dropped down on one knee. “Alana, we have known each other for over two years now . I have loved you from the first moment that you smiled at me. I know that you are my soul mate, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise each and everyday to do all that is in my power to make you happy and fulfilled.  Will you marry me?”

I love you too David”, Alana cried excitedly, holding back tears of excitement. “Oh yes ! Yes I’ll marry you.”  I slid the ring on her finger.   She stood up and she ran into my arms.  We walked around the grounds hand in hand, enjoying being together and excited about our future.

“David do you want a big wedding?” , Alana asked.

“Don’t you?”, I asked ,surprised by her question.

” I know most women dream of a big wedding with all their families and friends there. I never wanted that.  Since both my parents are gone, a large wedding is not important to me. Is it to you?”, she asked again.

I was silent for a moment. ” I just assumed that you would want that. I don’t care what kind of wedding we have. I just want to marry you.”, I said.

“Well, I was thinking, this would be the perfect spot for us to exchange our vows. It is so romantic and peaceful. I would love it to be just the two of us.”, she said, looking at me for his reaction.

Smiling at her I said, ” That sounds perfect to me Alana. When do you want to do it?”

She thought for a moment and said , “I’ll need a gown. I can go shop for it now!  Why don’t we meet back here later and have the ceremony just before sunset.”

“That’s a great idea! “, I said.  I kissed her lovingly, and then she left to find a wedding gown.

Alana went to several shops before she found the perfect gown in a small boutique just off the main street. She felt beautiful in it and hoped that David would like it. She also picked up something special to wear for their wedding night.

This was the happiest day of her life. The man whom she loved with all her heart had asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. Finding her gown had taken more time than she expected.

She raced back to the hotel and grabbed a croissant. She hurried inside her room . “I still have time for a nice bath!”, she thought to herself after checking her watch.

After finishing her bath, she slowly dressed in her beautiful wedding gown. When she put on her veil, she felt like a bride.

She knew her parents would have been happy for her. Thinking about them made her blink back tears. When she was ready, she left the hotel eager to get back to her groom.

When I saw Alana walking toward me, a vision in white, I knew that I was the luckiest man in the world. We recited our vows to each other in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We vowed to love each other, to cherish each other and be faithful to one another for the rest of our lives.

I had hired someone to videotape our vows and take pictures. we both knew my mother would have been disappointed if I hadn’t done it.

When we arrived back at the hotel, I took Alana’s hand and led her to the room that we would now share for the remainder of our stay.  I looked into her eyes and I knew that my bride was looking forward to this night as much as me. I kissed her and tried to unzip her gown.

“Wait David!”, she said breathlessly with a smile and gently pulled away from me. ” I , I have a surprise for you.”, she stammered.  She grabbed something from out of her suitcase and rushed into the bathroom.

I undressed and stretched out on top of the bed waiting for her. “Are you okay in there?”, I asked. “Yes, I will  be out in a moment!”, Alana answered.

A few moments later Alana came through the door.  I was speechless as I stared at her.  I finally managed to say “Wow! You look amazing Alana.” Alana was wearing lingerie that showed off her figure to perfection. She came over and joined me on the bed. “The salesgirl said you would like it”, she told him.

“Like is an understatement.,”  I said. She looked at me shyly under her lashes. I felt my heart flutter at her expression.

I pulled her closer to me and held her in my arms.  I kissed her hand and then her lips.

I laid her down on the bed and kissed her face, her neck. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately.

Our first time together was even better than we had dreamed. We  felt completely united, just as we each had longed to be.   We enjoyed each other until we  fell asleep, just as the sun began to rise.


Thus begins the saga of David and Alana .  Will their love endure, or will  they experience heartbreak?  Stay tuned for Chapter 2: Changes.

Bonus Wedding pictures:

Alana was played by Syzu, my favorite female sim.  She is on the Sims 3 exchange and was created by ALICJA560  .

David was played by Emilio Fermin, one of my favorite male sims.  He is also on the Sims 3 exchange and was created by AbstractFairytales.

Thanks to the creators of all the custom content which makes the game so much fun to play.


9 thoughts on “LOVE ENDURES-Chapter 1

  1. I just started this and it was a great read. I like that David stood up for her when that guy kept harassing her. But wow, to get married straight out of high school? They are so young. Now I understand the title of the story. Love def endures. Or does it? LOL. Going to check out Ch. 2 now.

    BTW, Alana is such a beautiful sim.

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