Deep under the ground in a special, hidden lair, he began to stir. His senses were awakening. He had slumbered for over a century.

What could possibly have disturbed his rest?   He transformed to his human form.  He extended his awareness to the far reaches of the island.

In his mind’s eye, he saw a child, a small girl asleep in a crib. He saw another child, a baby boy in another crib. Then he reached further and he perceived a human male asleep in a bed. They could not have been the cause of his awakening.

Then he reached his mind out further, and he saw her. She was sleeping in bed with the insignificant human male.

He focused more closely on her, and saw the most beautiful female he had ever seen.  He examined her further and saw that she had recently given birth.

He was seized with a strong force of uncharacteristic jealousy that she had borne children for that worthless human male. Why hadn’t he awakened sooner and found her before she had given herself to that filthy, worthless creature. He would have preferred her to be pure, but it was too late for that.

He wanted her, and he would have her. But he would not take her by force. He knew that he could easily control her mind and her body, but he wanted her heart. He wanted her to give that to him freely. He was Tarquin, the King of Polydoros, an ancient Spartan civilization; and she was destined to be his queen.

He could not resist speaking to her. ” You will be mine!”, he whispered .

Alana’s eyes jerked open in the darkened room. She looked at David, thinking he had spoken to her.  He was soundly asleep.

She must have been dreaming, she thought to herself, but she still felt uneasy. She moved closer to David and snuggled next to him. He stirred and went right back to sleep. Eventually, she too drifted off to sleep.

When Alana awakened the next morning, the bedroom door was slightly open.

She could hear the sound of the children’s laughter coming from the nursery. David must have been pretending to be the tickle monster again which was a game both children enjoyed.  He was a kind and loving father just as she had known that he would be.

Her mind returned to the night before when she had dreamed about the voice. The trouble was that she did not believe it had been a dream. She shivered remembering the low, seductive whisper. It had to have been a dream she convinced herself.

” I had better get up and get dressed”, she said aloud, arising from the bed.

Alana joined me in the nursery. “Good morning sleepy head”, I greeted her. “Did you sleep well?”

“Well enough.”, she answered me, picking Alissa up and snuggling her. “David I’m going for a walk. I promise I won’t go far.”, she told me noticing the instant frown of worry on my brow.

“Alright Love, be careful”, I told her. ” She was entitled to some time alone. It would do her good to take some time away from the children.”, I thought to myself.  She gave me a gentle kiss, and then went downstairs.

Alana stopped in the kitchen and made a sandwich then grabbed some water. She put them in a small basket and left the house.

She did not have any particular destination in mind. She just walked along the beach enjoying the beautiful day. The sky was clear blue and a warm gentle breeze caressed her bare arms, blowing her hair lightly.

She had fully intended to keep her promise to David about not going far from home, but when she heard the sound of a waterfall, she left the beach to search for it.

“Oh”, Alana breathed out. The sheer beauty of the waterfall took her breath away. She dipped her hands into the clear crystal waters.

” I wish that I had brought my suit with me!”, she thought to herself, longing to dive into the cool refreshing waters. Then remembering that they were the only ones on the island, she decided to go skinny dipping. She slipped out of her clothes and stepped into the water.

After a few minutes of swimming, Alana began to have the uneasy sensation of being watched. She decided to cut  her swim short and get redressed.

From the time she left her home, he had been near.

When she removed her clothing before going into the water , he had thought to himself, ” How perfectly exquisite her body is. ” He had to restrain himself from scooping her up in his arms and making her his then and there.

When she suddenly got out of the water and put her clothing back on, he was surprised.  Although he had cloaked himself, she appeared to be aware of his presence. She evidently possessed some form of hypersensitivity. She was full of pleasant surprises. He decided that it was time to make direct contact with her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Alana saw movement. She quickly turned in that direction and was shocked to see a man approaching her. He was dressed oddly, like from days long pass, but the style suited him.

When she realized that he had to have seen her naked, she flushed with deep embarrassment.

“How charming she is.”, he thought to himself, seeing her blush and recognizing its cause. “I’m sorry, I did not mean to intrude on your solitude!”, he apologized quickly, realizing that she was about to leave hurriedly.

He reached his hand out quickly and touched her cheek softly, establishing eye contact.

He looked into her eyes. Alana’s brain was bombarded with images that appeared to her mind to be memories. They were memories of her and of him.

Meeting him in Sunset Valley, when David was out of town for basic training. She saw when they had become friends and then more than friends, lovers. She saw when she told him that she was pregnant with her second child and realized that little David Jr. was his baby, not David’s.

She remembered when she told him that she was moving to France with David, how upset he had become. He had pleaded with her to leave David and stay with him.

She remembered  the shock of seeing him on the ship. She saw herself sneak away from David and Alissa to spend time with him in his cabin. She remembered the plans they made for her to divorce David, leaving Alissa, and start a new life with him.

Alana broke away from him in horror .  Tarquin was shocked that she had had the mental strength to break his telepathic bond with her.  She was truly worthy to remain by his side for the rest of eternity.

Alana was weeping with deep, shuddering sobs.  He caught one of her tears on his finger tip and tasted it. It tasted bittersweet. It aroused his hunger for her even more.

He took her into his arms and made her look at him. “Stop weeping my love!”, he commanded her. “We both survived the shipwreck, and we are reunited.”

He crushed his lips against hers in a long passionate kiss. “I’ll be with you in your dreams!”, he said, releasing her.  After he released her, Alana ran back to the beach.

It was getting late, and she knew that David would be worried about her. However, she was not in any condition to return home yet. David would immediately sense how upset she was.

She couldn’t understand how she could have betrayed David so utterly and completely. How could she have stooped to abandoning all of her moral principles, abandoning her daughter.

The strange thing was that while she could remember in her mind the time she spent with Tarquin, she did not feel the emotions which should have been connected with the memory. It was almost as if she were experiencing the memories of someone else and not her own.

She knew she could not delay any longer. She headed back home.

I was standing outside the house, looking down the beach, deeply worried about my wife. It was not like her to be gone so long. Something must have happened to her.  I decided that I would give her a few minutes longer, and then if she had not returned, I  would grab both the children and go in search of her.

Just as the sun began to set,  I saw Alana walking towards me  down the beach. As soon as she reached me,  I grabbed her into my arms and held her tight.  I didn’t reproach her.  I led her into the house into the light.

” Are you okay, Alana?,” I asked her, searching her face. She did not meet my eyes.

She pulled herself away from me and said,” I’m fine David, just a little tired. I guess I overdid it today. Are the children okay?”

“They’re fine. They’re both sleeping.”, I told her.

“Good. I think I’ll turn in too”, she said.

I turned off the lights downstairs, and then went to join my wife in our bedroom. She was already in bed with her eyes closed. I quickly undressed , blew out the candles, and got into bed.

When I tried to hold her in my arms, she turned away from me.  “What’s wrong sweetheart?”,  I asked, deeply concerned by her behavior since she had returned home.

“I’m fine David, just tired. Let’s just go to sleep!”, she said with a tremor in her voice.

I knew that she wasn’t fine, but she did not want to discuss whatever had happened today.  I decided not to press her tonight, but eventually I would make her tell me what was wrong.

I stirred in the middle of the night.  I reached out to touch Alana and her side of the bed was empty. I quickly sat up and lit a candle.  When I looked towards the door, I saw Alana standing there, unusually still.

“Alana!”, I called to her. When she did not respond, but continued staring blankly ahead, I got out of the bed and approached her. Her eyes were glazed over as though she were sleepwalking .  I gently took her hand and led her back to bed. Once I had her settled beside me, I blew out the candle and held her in my arms to sleep for the rest of the night.

Tarquin entered Alana’s dreams.  He made her see images of them together, kissing one another passionately.

Then he called to her, whispering, “Come to me now, my Alana.”

He saw her rise from the bed and pass through the door. Then she stopped , turned around, and reentered the bedroom and just stood in the doorway.  Tarquin was enraged.  She was fighting his influence!  In all his centuries of living this had never occurred.

Then he saw that man take her hand and lead her back to bed.

When Alana awakened the next morning, David had his arms wrapped around her. She felt a momentary sense of comfort until she remembered how she had betrayed him.

She fought  back the tears which threatened to overcome her. She gently extricated herself from his arms and got dressed. She checked on her still sleeping children, and then went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

I awakened suddenly, remembering the events of the previous evening.  Alana was no longer in bed beside me, but I could smell the scent of pancakes  wafting up from the kitchen.I  jumped out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen. Alana had just finished cooking the pancakes and was preparing bottles for the children.

“Good morning sweetheart!”, I said, coming up behind her and wrapping my arms around her waist.

“Good morning.”, she said wriggling out of my grasp using the pretense of putting the bottles in the refrigerator.

I gazed at her with concern. Even after the baby’s death, she had never behaved like this.

She handed me a bottle for Aiden, saying that he should be awake now. “I’m going out to the hot tub.”, she told me.

I watched her walk away with a perplexed expression on my face.



4 thoughts on “LOVE ENDURES-Chapter 4

  1. ~ Wow,this guy has Alana in knots!
    ~ And playing with her mind like that, after the tragedy they just endured,may just push her over the edge! 😉
    ~ I finally caught up with this,I saw it posted on DD’s,but was in the middle of doing a few things at once,lol! but now that is sorted,I can catch up on stories I have neglected!
    ~ Long story,short, I will be back for more! loved it BTW!(“,)

  2. Wow! This is so crazy! Poor Alana doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not, and she’s playing right into Tarquin’s hands! I hope David finds a way to reach his wife before it’s too late – she sure seems to be trying to fight him off, so maybe together they can do it. (if she decides to tell him what’s happening!) Off to read the next chapter!

  3. Poor Alana! She’s convinced she cheated on David when she never did!
    I’m glad she’s putting up a fight, but I fear that only makes Tarquin want her more!

    Very intriguing, interesting chapter!

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