When Thornton entered the house, Alana was sitting in the living room.  He could see that she had been crying.  His heart twisted because he could sense her pain.  He wished that there was something that he could do to make her smile again. 

David returned to his big empty house.  Without Alana, it no longer felt like home to him.   He decided to call an attorney and find out what his options were for getting past Thornton and seeing his wife.   There was no way that he would allow Alana to divorce him because of Erin. 

After speaking with the attorney, David decided to temporarily move out of the house so that Alana could return home.  He didn’t want her staying with Thornton.

Alana went to the bathroom to wash her tear stained face.  When she went back to the livingroom, Thornton came over to her and put his arms around her.  At first she found  his embrace comforting, but then when he tightened his arms, she began to feel uncomfortable.  She moved away from him.

“Thornton, you have been so kind to me. Why don’t you let me cook dinner for us?”, she suggested.

Sure, if you want to.”, Thornton agreed.  

Thornton had told her that he loved seafood.  Since there was Salmon in the refrigerator, Alana prepared grilled Salmon.  She was an excellent chef.

Thornton watched her move around the kitchen as she prepared the meal.   Even though pregnant, she was still very graceful.  Trying to take her mind off of her situation with David, he made light conversation with her.

“Do you plan on going back to work after the baby is born?”, he asked her. 

I hadn’t planned to go back right away.”, she said.  “Now that David and I are no longer together, I don’t know what I am going to do.”, she told him.  Tears began to drip down her cheeks again. 

I am sorry Thornton.  I’ve lost my appetite.”, she said and then went upstairs to the master bedroom. 

Thornton felt bad that he had made her upset again.  She had placed the salmon on a serving platter, and Thornton prepared a plate.  Then he sat down to eat.

Thornton’s phone rang  just as he finished cleaning the kitchen.

“Hello, Mr. Wolff,  this is David Fermin.  Do you think that my wife will speak with me now?”, I said.

I don’t know if that is a good idea.  She is very upset right now.”, Thornton said.

I sighed.  “Who was he to decide for Alana that I should not speak with her.”, I thought to myself.

Would you please tell her that I am temporarily moving out.  She can go back home now.   It is no longer necessary for her to remain with you.“, I told him.

Thornton thought quickly.  He was not ready for Alana to leave yet.

“I will discuss it with Mrs. Fermin and then get back to you.”, Thornton said., “Is there anything else Mr. Fermin?”

I hesitated.  “Please tell Alana that I love her, and I am sorry if I hurt her.”, I told him.

I’ll pass along the message.”, Thornton told him and disconnected the call.

He went upstairs to talk with Alana.  After he knocked at the door, Alana told him to come in.  She was standing at the window looking at the ocean.  Thornton thought that she herself made a beautiful view.   He was suddenly nervous about speaking with her.  His palms were all sweaty.  This was not like him at all!

“What is wrong with me?”, he asked himself.  Suddenly, it hit him like a ton of bricks.  “I am in love with Alana!”  He had fallen for her hard.  He still had to tell her about David’s call.

Thornton told Alana what David had said when he called.  Her reaction surprised him.

“How dare he say,’If he hurt me!’,” she repeated indignantly.  “He knows he hurt me!”  She started angrily pacing the room.

Alana, I don’t think that it is a good idea for you to stay alone right now, not with your pregnancy and your emotional condition.  You are more than welcome to continue staying with me until your baby is born or your divorce is final.“, Thornton told her. 

How long will it take before the divorce is final?”, she asked. 

“Usually, it can take up to a year.  However, if David doesn’t contest it, I can expedite the paperwork.  Then I know some judges who can finalize it for you within a couple of weeks.”, he told her.

Alana felt overwhelmed.  “I can’t think right now, Thornton!”, she cried.  Then she burst into wracking sobs.  Thornton took her into his arms again and held her close until her tears subsided. 

“Lay down and get some rest.”, he told her.  “I’m going to bring you something to eat in a couple of hours.” 

Alana came to a sudden decision.  “Thornton, I am going to take you up on your offer and stay here, but I will call David myself and tell him.”, she said.

I’m glad you are staying.  I’ll give you some privacy for your call.  Let me know if you need anything.”, Thornton said and left the room.

Alana called me.  I recognized her number on my caller ID and answered right away.

Hello!”, I answered, relieved that she was calling to talk with me.

The sound of David’s voice brought a sharp pain into Alana’s heart.  “David, I just called to tell you that I am going to stay with Thornton for a while longer.  It’s just easier this way.  Please just leave me alone.  I won’t stand in your and Erin’s way.  Thornton is going to file the divorce papers as soon as possible.”, she told him.

Alana’s words brought tears to my eyes.  “Alana, please don’t do this!”, I pleaded with her. 

David, I saw how Erin looked at you!  I saw you holding each other.  Please don’t deny that you have feelings for her.  You know what kind of woman I am.  I refuse to share you with her.  You can’t have both of us. When you began your relationship with her, then you chose her over me.  Please just leave me alone now.  I can’t take much more!”, she told me and then disconnected the call.


8 thoughts on “LOVE ENDURES-Chapter 13

  1. Damn…he really needs to get to her and stop this from happening. If she just listened rather than talk she would understand everything she believes to be real isn’t! I like that Thornton told her the complete truth though, I actually expected him to lie to get what he wanted from her but she was able to form her own decisions from what he said…I just need them to talk to each other!!! David is in so much pain and Alana is just acting as though that entire time they spent meant nothing! She won’t even give him the benefit of the doubt! I want to slap her so bad and knock since into her head! But…she’s pregnant and I’d be arrested!

    You are wracking my nerves now! Great updates! I can’t wait for more 😀

    • Sometimes we get so upset that we don’t listen. Maybe her hormones are affecting her thinking.
      She should remember how much David has done to show her how much he cares, but she believed Erin’s phone call.
      Knock her in the head! LOL
      Before it is over, she will wish someone had knocked her over the head.

      Thanks for reading Daijah!

  2. Ugh! Did I mention how much I hate Erin??? And what’s up with Thornton??? These poor folks have so much against them – I hope they get to sit down and actually talk soon! I hope David finds out about Erin’s phone call and gets her prosectued for it! Maybe that news will show his wife what really happened! He needs to move quick, before Thornton takes his place!

    • Erin is totally selfish. If she really loved David, she would have left him alone instead of trying to ruin his marriage.
      Thornton doesn’t know how to handle the feelings he has for Alana. He has a conflict between his professional ethics and his personal feelings for her.

  3. I’m really mad at Thornton; he’s just making things more complicated for Alana!

    I’m also mad at David! He needs to stop relying on phone calls and get over to Thornton’s house and speak to Alana in person!

    Oh, and I hate Erin.

    Great couple of chapters, though. Very emotional (for both Alana and me).

    • He is definitely not remaining professional, and that is making it harder for Alana.
      David does need to try and speak to her in person!

      I hate her too! 🙂

      Thanks, Ade. That means a lot! 🙂

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