David was sitting in the courtroom right across the isle from Alana.  It had been weeks since she had seen him.  Her heart was beating so fast that she felt like it would leap from her chest.  She still loved him no matter what he had done.  Now it was too late!

I sat across the isle from Alana and Thornton, looking up at the judge.   When I left here today, Alana would no longer be my wife.  I was miserable.  I could not allow that to happen!   I looked over at Alana.  She did not look happy.  She seemed on the verge of tears.

I had dismissed my lawyer, agreeing to whatever Alana wanted.  I stood up to address the judge.  “Please excuse me your honor.  I would like to say something.”, I said.

Thornton jumped up.  “Your honor, I would like to object!  This is highly irregular.”

“As Mr. Fermin is not represented by an attorney, I am granting him some leeway.  Please continue Mr. Fermin.”, the judge said.

Thank you your honor.  I would like to state that I do not wish to divorce my wife.”   Then Thornton interrupted me again.

“Judge Kinsey, Mr. Fermin had ample opportunity before this final hearing to contest the divorce, and he did not do so.  It is highly improper of him to do so at this late date!”, Thornton said heatedly.

Calm down, Mr. Wolff!”, the judge said.  “A divorce is a very serious thing.  Let Mr. Fermin have his say.  Please continue Mr. Fermin.”

“I love my wife, and I believe that she loves me too.  If I could just talk with her, then I don’t believe that she will want a divorce either.”, I told the judge.

Thornton jumped up again indignantly.  “Your honor, my client has made her wishes very clear in this matter.  She does not wish to speak with Mr. Fermin!”

“As there are no allegations of physical abuse during the course of the marriage, I see no harm in granting Mr. Fermin’s request.  I would much rather facilitate a reconciliation than a divorce.  Wouldn’t you Mr. Wolff?  Your fee is paid either way.”, Judge Kinsey said.  Thornton didn’t answer.

“I am granting Mr. Fermin’s request.  Bailiff,  show Mr. and Mrs. Fermin to conference room B.  You have thirty minutes Mr. Fermin.”, the judge said.

After we entered the conference room, I just stood looking at Alana silently.  She was thin and pale.  She was different somehow.  I realized that she had lost her radiance.  My time was passing quickly, and I could sense her resistance.  I made her look into my eyes.

Alana, I have loved you and only you since the first time I saw you when we were teenagers.  You are my soulmate.  That night,  when you came into the study.  You misunderstood what you saw.  Erin tried to kiss me.  I was getting her off of me when you entered the room.  I have never had any romantic feelings for Erin or any other woman since I fell in love with you.  She lied to you.  You are the only woman I have ever wanted!”, I told her.

Then, I noticed the engagement ring on her finger.  She saw the direction of my gaze and removed the ring. 

David I have been so miserable without you.  I love you too.  I don’t want the divorce either!”, she said crying.  “My heart was broken thinking that you were in love with Erin.  Now, I don’t know why I believed that so easily.”, she said.

What about Thornton?”, I asked her. 

He knows that I don’t love him, but he still wanted to marry me.  I thought that things were over for us, and he genuinely seemed to care about me.  I hate to hurt him, but you are my husband, David.  I want to be with you.”, Alana  said.

After Thornton’s role in keeping us apart, I didn’t care whether he was hurt or not.  I pulled Alana into my arms and held her tightly.  We promised each other that we would never again allow anyone or anything to come between us!   Before long, it was time to return to the courtroom.

One look at Alana’s radiant face showed that there had been a reconciliation.  She was glowing with happiness now.  

“I take it that there will be no divorce today?”, Judge Kinsey asked smiling broadly.

“No your honor!”, I said happily.  

The judge looked at Thornton.  “Is Mrs. Fermin in agreement?”, he asked. 

Thornton glanced at Alana.  She nodded her head, yes.  “Yes.  Your honor, Mrs. Fermin is in agreement.”, he managed to say.

“It gives me great pleasure to say that the case is dismissed!”, Judge Kinsey said.

After the judge left the courtroom, Alana rose and walked over to Thornton.

“Thornton, thank you for everything that you have done for me.  I am sorry that things did not work out for us the way that you wanted them to, but I never stopped loving David.  I belong with him.”, she said.  Then she gave him back his ring.  

“Alana, would you please wait for me out in the hall?  I need to speak with Thornton for just a moment.”, I said. 

Alana looked at me puzzled, then headed out  of the courtroom.

I glared at Thornton. 

“Thornton, we both know how you have meddled in my relationship with my wife.  Despite your efforts to keep us apart, we are back together.   I am warning you.  Stay away from Alana!”

Thornton didn’t say anything.  He still loved Alana, and he intended to maintain a friendship with her if she wanted it.  I left to find Alana.

We stopped at the hospital to see Joel.  He was due to be released that weekend.  The nurses were surprised, but pleased to see us together.  Joel seemed to respond happily to the change as well.   He smiled more and he seemed content.

Alana still had not fully recovered from Joel’s delivery.  The stress of her estrangement from David had caused her to neglect herself.  She was also worn out from all of the emotions that she had experienced that day. 

I took her home.  “You need to rest, Alana.  You are worn out.”, I told her.  She took off her clothes and stretched out on the bed.   I laid down beside her and watched her as she slept.  I was so happy to be with her again.  I would never  again take her for granted, and allow us to drift apart.

Alana had been asleep for about half an hour, when Alissa came bursting through the door.  She had just gotten home from school.  I was relaxing on the bed beside Alana, reading. 

When she saw her mother on the bed beside me,  Alissa’s eyes widened in shock.  Then she grinned from ear to ear.  “Oh Daddy you’re here with Mommy!  Does that mean that we aren’t taking a break anymore?”, she asked me. 

I smiled at her and came over to her to give her a hug.  “No, we’re not.  We are all going to live here together, just like before!”, I told her. 

“Yay!”, she cried.  Then she grabbed a pillow from the bed and struck me with it.  The pillow fight was on.  Of course, the commotion woke Alana up and she laughed at us.  I had missed hearing her laughter.   Then she went upstairs to bring Aidan down from the nursery. 

Aidan was also happy to have the four of us back together again!   We all spent the evening laughing and playing together.


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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YES!!!!!!!!! SO happy the judge allowed them to finally talk! Eat that Thornton! YAY!!! This was a great update! Just what I was looking for!!!! I’m glad to see the four of them together and can’t wait for Joel to join them in that room too! Aww!

  2. ~ Yeah,jumping for joy!
    ~ If only Thornton had allowed them to talk it through,but we all know why!
    ~ Sorry,she is not for you!!!!!
    ~ I loved them all being happy together!(“,)

  3. Yay!! This proves that one should never lose hope! I’m ashamed that I did, but I’m so, so, so undescribably happy right now!! 😀

    I like that judge! Thank you Judge Kinsey!! 😀

    So happy right now! 😀 I loved this chapter! And the other ones were awesome, too, even if they made me sad 🙂 Now that I think about it, they must have been difficult for you, too! Great job!!

    • I’m glad you’re happy too! They were just so perfect together!
      Judge Kinsey had a lot of common sense.

      Thanks Ade! You’re right, they did make me sad too. They weren’t easy for me. 🙂

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